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When Carol, a shy young Belgian, is left alone for
a few days in the Kensington flat she shares with
her sister, she begins to withdraw into a reclusive existence
where innocuous everyday realities are distorted by deep-seated anxieties.
On screen throughout the film, Deneuve gives a wondrously subtle performance
as the increasingly catatonic girl, but equally expressive of her terrifying
inner torment are the sometimes surreal but never over-emphatic
visual and aural effects created by Polanski to accompany her wanderings
around the empty apartment or the bustling streets of South Kensington.

Initial release: October 2, 1965 (USA)

Director: Roman Polanski

Running time: 106 minutes

Initial DVD release: February 8, 2005

Screenplay: David Stone, Gérard Brach, Roman Polanski

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